LittleSnapper's Icons & Interface

The newest product in the Realmac Software stable is LittleSnapper, their all-in-one screenshot and image organization utility, aka, their answer to Skitch's dominance in the screenshot annotation market. Wait, there's a market for that? Apparently there is!

Realmac makes some of the nicest Mac software around, and you have to look no further than RapidWeaver to see the effort they take in crafting their application's interfaces and icons.

I recently downloaded the app and pulled out some of the beautiful, high-resolution icons they use within the application. I love the network globe icon as it's subtly different than the standard Mac OS X version, as well as the Flickr icon they put together.

Update! I'm not sure how I missed this one, but the icons and UI work for LittleSnapper was done by my very talented friend Wolfgang Bartelme. He's also got a new iPhone game out called Dashball that looks fantastic.

LittleSnapper icons

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