I'm Mike Rundle and I am a designer, software engineer and entrepreneur who loves to think about and build software.



I'm @flyosity on Twitter. Tweeting since 2006 about Apple, design and technology. 28K+ followers.

My full career history is on my LinkedIn profile.

I was an early user of Dribbble but now mostly lurk for inspiration.

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Treeo View in App Store Visit website Treeo on Medium

A new type of social network where people vote on fun emoji polls about movies, fashion, music, celebrities or anything else. I designed and built the iOS app (Obj-C), the backend (EC2), database (Aurora), website and all marketing materials myself. Building an entire social network from scratch was a fun learning experience!

Treeo Explore

Main landing screen letting users find fun Treeos to vote on.

Voting on a Treeo

Use a fun fling gesture to vote 3 photos into 3 emoji buckets.

Replying to Votes

Users can reply to someone else's vote with emoji text messages.

Creating a Treeo

Web image and GIF search and a custom emoji picker!

App Store Screenshots

To stand out in the App Store, I designed a continuous banner which I then sliced up into screenshots for the product listing so it'd feel like a single experience when scrolling through.


I've been a principal design lead at Intuit for over 5 years. My role cuts across product strategy, user research, visual design, lean experimentation, prototyping and software development.

I started at Intuit's healthcare group and was responsible for the visual and interaction design of their software suite for practices, doctors and patients. After moving to Intuit's Small Business Group, I led the design of various projects including Intuit's acclaimed practice management solution for accountants.

Workflow Management

The flagship feature of QuickBooks Online Accountant is the ability to manage complex client workflows within the product. I conducted over 50 interviews with accountants, prepared countless low-fidelity concepts and prototypes, and led the design of the final shipped feature for mobile and desktop.

Accountant Project Dashboard

A constant pain point for accountants is preparing for a client meeting. I facilitated 2 group research sessions with accountants, designed various concepts and prototypes, and produced production CSS for the final product.

Concepting & Sketching

A big facet of my role at Intuit is to be in touch with accountants around the world on a near-daily basis, constantly showing concepts and ideas and experiments and getting feedback. This is a small sample of concept designs that drove our expanded product thinking and were used in a 3-year vision storyboard.

Intuit Health

I led the design of Intuit Health's various software products for patients, doctors and hospitals. Shown above are a small portion of the web and iPad software I designed and helped build.

Filters View in App Store Visit website 9to5Mac coverage

An advanced photo editing app I designed and built that focused on filter and overlay effects. It used a custom GPU-based rendering engine that allowed me to convert Photoshop actions into filters that could be used in the app and over 900 were included. Featured multiple times by Apple, reached #3 in Photos. Acquired by tap tap tap, now part of the Camera+ family.

Simple, Menu-Based Controls

The visual focus is on the photo, not UI chrome.

Intensity Setting

All settings and filters can be individually adjusted.

Picking Filters

Filters have a simple, scrolling preview interface.

Blurred Colors

The first photo-editing app to use a blurred photo backdrop.

Design Then Code Visit website

I have always felt that designers need to learn how to code their own interfaces, so in 2011 I launched Design Then Code and self-published a variety of e-books to accomplish that goal. Since then, over 350,000 people have learned to design and build stunning iOS apps by reading Design Then Code guides like "Building iOS Apps From Scratch", "Lighting & Realism In Interface Design" and "Motion Design for iOS."

My e-books on design, development and animation are used by employees and teams at Apple, IBM, Intuit, Yahoo!, GE, NetApp, SAS, Starbucks, Salesforce and many other companies and startups.

Main Website

The Design Then Code website was designed and built to be fully responsive with 9 different breakpoints that tweak the layout for the viewport dimensions.

Motion Design for iOS

Some excerpts from my 200-page e-book on animation design for iOS with an emphasis on bringing natural, spring-like physicality to interfaces.

Additional Mobile Work

I've designed a few dozen iPhone apps since 2008, here's a sampling of that work.

Validic, Colorizer, Interesting, Custom iOS Keyboard

I designed the iOS application for the health-tracking startup Validic which connects with various measurement devices and brings all their results into one place. Colorizer was a color puzzle game I built where you drag one color on top of another color to combine them, with the goal of getting to a single color on the spectrum at the end of a level. Interesting is a custom newsreader and Reddit app that was featured by Apple in "Best New Apps" and was #1 in the News category for over 8 weeks. Finally, a 3rd-party keyboard that I designed and built with an adaptive color scheme.

Thank you!
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