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About Me

Hey there! I'm Mike Rundle and I'm a designer, software engineer, entrepreneur, product thinker and a tireless proponent of beautiful & smart user experiences. I started designing and building websites in the mid-90s and now I work across multiple platforms (web, desktop, mobile) to design, develop and evangelize amazing products.

Please take a look at my full career history at my LinkedIn profile. Also check out my blog Email me directly. I'm @flyosity on Twitter.


Portfolio of Recent Work

Sam Profile
User Configuration
Prescription Refill
Allergies Health History
Practice Reporting and Utilization Dashboard
Bronto: Workflow Builder
Design Then Code
Interesting for iPhone
Nice and Mean for iPhone
Texture, Digital Post, Beak for iPhone
Filters for iPhone
Colorizer for iPhone
Texture for iPhone
Beak for Mac
Sublime Text for Mac